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Who should come?

Organisations and groups are encouraged to send one person to one of the sessions.

The sessions are all the same and are for representatives from non-government organisations and community groups in NSW who are part of our partner network or interested in joining, learning about and supporting the campaign to raise the age in NSW.  

The sessions will be hosted by Emily Mayo, Raise the Age Campaign Manager in NSW and representatives from our Lead Group.

What will we cover?
  • About raising the age of legal responsibility in NSW.
  • The current state of play on raising the age in NSW.
  • Where to next and what can you do to be active in the campaign.

If you can not attend any of these but want more information please contact Emily -

More about Raise the Age and the briefings

The Raise the Age Lead Group invites representatives from organisations and groups to join us for an important briefing about our campaign to raise the age of criminal responsibility in NSW to at least 14.

In 2024 in NSW children as young as 10 are being arrested, dragged through courts and locked up.

The evidence is in. What we do now does not work. It causes harm to children and families, and it doesn’t deliver on community safety.

In late 2023 thirteen organisations came together to reinvigorate the campaign to raise the age in NSW. We now number more than 100. If your organisation is not yet part of our network please join us.

This year we have big plans. And we want to bring you with us. We want all organisations and groups supporting raising the age to know what we have in store, and to be a part of it.

Together we can do better for kids and communities and raise the age.  

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