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Raise the Age in NSW

We are a coalition of organisations committed to raising the age in NSW.

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Contact with the criminal justice system causes children harm.

What we do now does not make our communities safer.

We can and should do better for children and for communities. 

The NSW Government must raise the age of criminal responsibility to at least 14.

But... what should we do when a child does something wrong?

Doctors say children under 14 lack the emotional, mental and neurological maturity to really understand the consequences of their actions. This is why arresting and locking kids up is not only cruel – it doesn’t work. 

When children’s brains are still developing throughout these formative years, they need age-appropriate, therapeutic responses to their actions. 

There are lots of evidence-based programs and supports that help children to grow and flourish.  

But... what if a child does something serious?

When a child behaves in a way that is dangerous to themself or others, they need proven, child-centred interventions and supports that give better outcomes for the child and their community. 

It is rare for a child aged under 14 to be charged with a serious offence of violence. 

There are services and programs that are more responsive to the needs of children and effective in addressing problematic behaviours. Critically, these are therapeutic and developmentally appropriate, rather than punitive. 

We say Raise the Age in NSW

It is not necessary to condemn children to a life of disadvantage. We must raise the age of criminal responsibility so that we shift the focus from policing and incarceration, to child-centred care and support.

Individuals and groups really can make a difference. We invite you to join with us to raise the age and create a better way for children and communities.

Please join us now - call on the NSW Government to raise the age to at least 14 and help to bring about positive change for kids and communities.

The Raise the Age campaign in NSW is one of many across Australia. For more information visit the national campaign web site.
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